Friday, July 28, 2006

Photo Shoots!!!

I had a really great day today. That's because I had subjects to photograph. In the morning I did a photo shoot with Cameron. I even made him dress up which he wasn't happy about but he's a good boy so he did it for his Aunt Traci. He thought we were only going to take a few pictures. Ya, right! He should know by now that I can't stop once I start shooting. I am really happy with the pictures I took of him.

After our shoot we had fun playing air hockey (I even won a game), dancing to Radio Disney and we took turns playing hide and seek with the magnetic cars around Grams living room(about 20 times!).

Anne was with Pat most of the day today at the hospital. Pat was having a bad day. They had to give her 2 more pints of blood and her blood pressure dropped really low. I am glad that I was able to stay here and hangout with Cameron. We had a good time.

Later in the afternoon Stacy and Loretta came over with Ethan and Alex. I had Anne call Stacy this morning to see if she would like me to do a photo shoot of the Cousins together. I am happy with some of the pictures I got of the boys. It is so hard to get all three of them to smile and look at me at the same time!

Anyways, here are some of the pictures from the photo shoot of the Cousins.