Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In Orange County

I flew into Orange County yesterday. Compared to the flight to Hawaii it was nothing. I kept thinking of how I am so much more independent now. A year ago I would have never been able to travel alone because of my back. I don't want to forget how bad things were then so that I can see how far I have come. I have a life now and I am so happy. Not to say that I don't have pain, last night I was dying! The difference is now I can wake up the morning after a busy day and function instead of beeing flat on my back in bed for a week. I know the day will come again that I have a bad flare up and I have to be down but I am so thankful for every day I have that I am able to have a somewhat normal life.

I saw Pat yesterday and she was doing pretty well. I know she is in pain but she won't push her pain med button. We had to keep reminding her every 15 min to push the button. It is frustrating being on the other side the hospital bed. Now I can understand how John felt. You think if your in pain then push the damn button but she is out of it and she forgets and then her pain gets worse. It seems to me that the hospital doesn't have the nursing staff to administer meds so they give patients the button to do it themselves. The problem is if the patient isn't capable of taking care of themselves they end up going without the pain meds. I just have a hard time with seeing her in pain it is just upsets me because it is unnecessary and I understand what it is like to be in pain.

For the first time Cameron didn't run and give me hugs and kisses when he saw me. I knew the day would come that he would be to big to do that. What happened was he had a friend with him who was an older boy, like a 10 year old, and he had to be cool so he said hi to me instead. I understand. I just don't want him to grow up but I know it is going to happen. He was so cute thought, later, after his friend was gone, he grabbed my hand and held it while we were walking.

I took some good pictures of Pat and Cameron together at the hospital. I think in all the thousands of pictures I have I only have one of Cameron with his grandma. It is important for him to have those pictures.

Today we are just going to hangout around the house. We are going to rent The Pirates of the Caribbean so that I can see the first one and then Cameron and I are going to the movies to see the second one. It is so hot that we can't be outside so going to the movies will be nice. I would also like to go to the beach and maybe the aquarium in Long Beach since Cam has never been there. I will have to rent a car because Pat's is not running well and I also want to drive down and see Jeff, Martha and the kids while I am here.