Friday, July 21, 2006

A stressful day

Pat had surgery today for colon cancer. It sounds like things went well. The cancer had spread to the lymph nodes but not to the kidney or the liver. She is in ICU now but she made it through the surgery well. John, Anne and Cameron are in Southern Ca with Pat. I will fly down on Monday to hangout with Cameron.

I worked at the local wildlife rescue today. I am really sad that today was my last shift since they will be closing the songbird nursery on August 1st. I am so glad that I got to work there this year. I have wanted to volunteer there for 8 years. This is the first year since my back got bad that I have been able to do it and I loved working there. Since I have been disabled for over five years, I didn't have a lot of confidence that I could do anything to help anyone. This was a really good experience for me to work on the "I have to do everything perfectly or not do anything at all" issue. At times we had 90 baby birds to feed every 30 minutes and I was forced to just do the best I could do. There wasn't time to do things perfectly. Most days my back would be killing me by the end of my shift but is was so nice to be doing something that mattered.

This was a stressful day but I am thankful that Pat's surgery went well. Now I am going to go scrapbook!!!