Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Tree Farm

Every year we go to Hidden Canyon Christmas Tree farm for our Christmas tree. It is so beautiful there. It can get crazy here this time of year with all of the people from Sacramento driving up to the country for their Christmas trees. So we love that Hidden Canyon is a little out of the way small family owned farm. This year we picked out a tree pretty quickly. I am so happy with our choice. I thought it would be too small but we had to trim the top so it wouldn't hit the ceiling. Since we have the wood stove this year we have to make the tree fit in a certain area of the living room so it wont get dried out. We needed a tree that was narrow enough to fit in the living room but it also had to be full enough to hold all our ornaments as well. I think we found the perfect fit.

I have been working so hard on the four drawings that I had due today for art class that I haven't had time to decorate the tree yet. Today was my last real class. I only have the final next Wendesday and then I am done!!!


Anonymous said...

Your tree looks to me to be about an eight footer...Nice choice!!!Take pictures...Love You!!!

traci said...

love the christmas tree - perfect choice. good luck with you final!