Thursday, August 17, 2006

It Was Off The Hook!

We were up bright and ealy this morning to meet our fishing guide Capain Ken of Ken's Custom Tackle. We were hoping to catch just one Kokanee Salmon but this was beyond our expectations. We "limited out"!

At one point we had 6 huge Kokanee in the boat in under an hour!

Captain Ken said these were the biggest Kokanee he has seen on Union Valley Resevoir, ever. Kokanee are land-lock Sockeye Salmon, unable to reach the ocean they remain much smaller than the typical Salmon.

All together we caught 9 trophy size Kokanee and 2 Mackinaw. It was a beautiful day on the lake and John is still smiling from ear to ear. I am so glad we had the camera with us to capture this moment together. We will definately do this again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz.....Cool blog! Those fish are great! I'm glad to see that you are enjoying yourself up north. You and John look so happy. We can't wait to see you at the family picnic next weekend.
Love ya ~M~

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Traci...thanks for including me in your email list. Looks like you and John had a blast up at Union Valley...who would have known there were salmon in that lake, not me! Good for you for getting cable internet, too....we're still stuck in the same old dial-up frustration. ugh. glad Pat is doing better, also. Take care...keep in touch, Sandy

Anonymous said...

I work with John. I like John. John is good at catching fish. Nick is good at catching fish. Chad is NOT good at catching fish. Again, I like John.