Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Okay, I got my invitation to join Ravelry and I am so excited. I love the website and I have been spending lots of time on there getting all my projects and yarn stash organized so I can see it all at a glace. Here is the link to my account there at Ravelry.

I finished my first hat tonight made with knitting needles. It was exciting because I wasn't sure if I could do it without help but it is fininsed and I like it. I swaped my friend Aly the hat (it is for her friend going through chemo) for two beautiful cerramic coffee mugs she made. They are so great. I collect hadmade mugs and I think these are my new favorites.


Martha said...

There are 1503 people ahead of me to get into Ravelry. Sigh.... I'm working on my second hat right now, will post lots of pictures soon, once I wrestle the computer away from Jeff

Martha said...

Only 677 people in front of me today. And I lied, I was working on my third hat last night, but now it's done. Going to start a fourth today at lunch. I found a few knitsters at work. :)