Monday, November 13, 2006

Sheepdog Herding Competition

Yesterday John and I went to the Western Regional Sheepdog Herding Competition at Thompson Ranch in Auburn. At the ranch we saw lots of sheep and cows. They had this really neat covered bridge and the ranch was just beautiful. We loved seeing all of the border collies and cattle dogs. Our dog Didjerido is a border collie and cattle dog mix.

The best part of the day was watching these dogs in action herding the sheep. The dogs take directions by whistling sounds that their owners make and it is amazing to watch. We would love to get our dog Didj involved in this because we know she would love it. We have taken her in for testing to see if she has the "instinct" and she chased the sheep so far away we thought we were going to have to buy the owner a new sheep. We have found a few people fairly local that will train you how to do this with your dog. We just had a great time watching the competition.


The thing said...

Stick a fork in a light socket while standing in a bucket of water!

Just kidding, I like the blog!

traci said...

those are beautiful pictures traci!!!