Monday, October 16, 2006

Full of Wonder

I love these photos of my niece Emily playing with my camera tripod. Mostly because my brother, when he was her age, use to spend hours playing with my parents video camera tripod. I also like them because she is just so darn cute when she was playing, in her own little imaginary world.

My laptop recently took a dive and so I spent and hour and a half on the phone today with Dell. I have to say they were very patient and helpful. They are sending me a whole new DVD hard drive. I will be so happy to have it fixed. I spend most of my time on the laptop computer instead of the desktop because it is easier on my back. I was really thankful to John's Mom for giving us her laptop. She bought it but was never able to use it because of her stroke.

My art teacher had a lot of "constructive criticism" to give me on my latest drawing I turned in today. It was helpful but it is not like I am going to become a drawing artist professionally. She takes it so seriously. I guess I do too.

We LOVE our new wood stove. It is 48 outside and 81 inside. John gets a kick out of seeing how warm we can get the house going. It is actually heating the whole house not just the living room. That means we are going to save money on our heating and electric bills.