Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fishing at Silver Lake

Yesterday John and Nick went fishing at Silver Lake. John said it was the best fishing trip he had done all year other than the Kokanee trip we did together. Nick caught this huge 4 lbs trout right away. They caught 14 fish all together, two of them were 2 lbs each.

I is a gorgeous Fall day here in Camino you just want to be outside. John, Didj and I hiked on the trail in Placerville today. John went over 6 mile and I walked two. I just love this time of year here.

Our wood stove was installed on Friday but without a door. There was a mix up with the door I wanted. I didn't want the all black ugly door, I wanted the nickle trim door. So now John is going crazy because we have the stove but he can't use it yet. They will have it all finished on Tuesday night and then look out, we will have fire!

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Martha said...

Wow, those fish look great. How did they taste?